My Website

My Website


This is the first version of my portfolio website. I designed and developed it to implement a responsive layout, in order to maintain control over my design, as well as, to keep this site current and easily accessible. I kept the design clean and minimal in order to keep the focus on the portfolio pieces and information.

This website was constructed utilizing Twitter Bootstrap for the basic framework and for a few functional components. Various methods were used for the styling and effects of the site because I used a mix of CSS3, JavaScript, and JQuery.

Family Violence Brochure
Family Violence Flyer
Family Violence Flyer

Family Violence


Brochure 11in by 8.5in
Flyer 5.5in by 8.5in

This set was created for an awareness campaign on family violence. A light colour scheme of purple, pink, and blue was used in duotone images to establish a somber mood. The copy and headers were typeset creatively to give a better appeal to the viewer.

I utilized Photoshop to edit the images, apply the proper duotones, and prep them for print. InDesign was the software used to layout the design and typography of the brochure.



The main idea behind this project is to inspire teens to become more physically active through an incentive program. The more active they are, the more points they earn to purchase rewards. For this project, I designed the website, the logo, the social media pages (Facebook & Twitter), and screenshots of what would be the program's main app.

I utilized Dreamweaver to implement Twitter Bootstrap to give the site its main structure and functionality. Photoshop was used to compose and prepare the images, while Illustrator was used to create the logo and icons for the site.

Zorin Billboards
Zorin Logo

Zorin Pest Control

"It's Their Playground"

Billboards 6m by 3m

These billboards were made to be placed on roadways going in residential areas. Being of an upper to middle-class target audience, they will most likely own property or plan on buying property, whether it's a house, semi-attatched, cottage, etc.

The advertising objective here is to remind the audience of the potential problems and risks that come from unwanted pests. These billboards use house listing style adds as a representation of how pests can take one's most important asset and bring it to be worth nothing.

Toronto Guidebook
Toronto Guidebook
Toronto Guidebook

Toronto Guidebook


Book 16in by 9in

This book was designed with a contemporary style and a heavy emphasis on Typography. It was created to be used by a general audience touring Toronto's downtown core, so as to inform them on the many sights that Toronto has to offer. The book itself was designed using a modular grid with 5 modules and 1 extra column for important information.

I utilized Photoshop to edit and compose the images and prep them for print. I used InDesign to layout the design and typography of the book. Throughout the pages of the book, there are various examples of typographic texture.

Dundas Data Banner Ads

Data Visualization


Wide Skyscraper 160px by 600px
Leaderboard 728px by 90px
Large Rectangle 336px by 280px


With the exception of the dashboards and logo, the ads are made completely from scratch using Photoshop. While one ad ran with a more direct and literal approach, the other ran with a more metaphorical approach. The target audience for these ads are individuals in senior management positions, and those in the information technology sector.


The term “Analysis Paralysis” is a term used to describe the feeling you get when too much information is being presented to you. The solution to this problem, the data visualization dashboards from Dundas.

Dundas Sales Sheets
Dundas Sales Sheet
Dundas Sales Sheet

Data Visualization

Sales Sheets

Letter 8.5in by 11in


The main priority for these sheets was to be informative, yet attention grabbing. Since the sheets are text heavy, I styled them to be typographically appealing by balancing the font size and word count per line. I also emphasized key information by darkening the text relative to the main copy.


The main images were composed using Photoshop, while the typographic design and layout for these sales sheets was laid out using InDesign.

Fruitz Logo
Fruitz Air Refreshners
Fruitz Display

Air Refreshener

Display & Packaging Design

Label 7.25in by 7in
Display 25in by 65in


The task was to create a logo, display, and packaging for a fictious "Fruitz" brand. I created the logo colour interchangable to play on the possibility for different fruit flavour variants. The display was designed to be easily recognizable when on a sales floor.


This packaging was created using 2d and 3d methods. The logo was design in Illustator, while the labels were composed in Photoshop. I utilized 3ds max to create the display and bottle, as well as, put together the final design packaging.