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LocalBookings Web Dashboard

Web booking and scheduling system


I was tasked with building out out a booking system to exist within the OneLocal ecosystem. This project involved designing an online web booker, where customers can book appointments online, and a dashboard where users can manage those bookings.

The end result allows businesses to easily manage bookings and track staff schedules quickly and easily whether on desktop or mobile.

Company & Role

OneLocal - Lead Designer


Research, wireframes, mockups, prototyping, visual design

Project Date

Sep 2020 – Dec 2020

As A User:

  • I want the ability to put a widget on my site where users can book an appointment
  • I want the ability to view and confirm bookings from a dashboard
  • I want the ability to cancel a booking that's made
  • I want the ability to send a booking reminder that's preset for a user who has a booking
  • I want the ability to edit an existing booking if a user calls in or texts in to change an appointment
  • I want the ability to set my schedule or the availability that my customers can select when booking an appointment
  • I want the ability to have preset services that users can book from my booking link or widget
  • I want to add a booking button to my website that links to my custom booking page
  • I want to connect my Google Calendar and have booking push and pull from my Google Calendar to the OneLocal dashboard
  • I want to assign a booking to an employee

Web Dashboard (Desktop)

Empty Day

LocalBookings Empty Day

List View

LocalBookings List View


LocalBookings Inbox

Day View

LocalBookings Day View

Week View

LocalBookings Week View

Month View

LocalBookings Month View


LocalBookings Search

Staff View

LocalBookings Staff View

Staff View (Filtered)

LocalBookings Staff View (Filtered)

Web Dashboard (Mobile)

As noted from user feedback and dashboard mobile usage numbers, we wanted the mobile version of the booking dashboard to be more simplified than the desktop version. While the desktop is designed to be quicker for the user to use the functionality, the mobile version acts more like a scheduler for the user to be able to easily check the day's appointments and act if needed.

LocalBooking Mobile

Empty Day

LocalBookings Empty Day


LocalBookings Today


LocalBookings Tomorrow


LocalBookings Inbox


LocalBookings Search

Date Select

LocalBookings Date Select

Time Blocked Details

LocalBookings Time Blocked Details

Pending Booking Details

LocalBookings Pending Booking Details

Confirmed Booking Details

LocalBookings Details Booking Confirmed

Interested In Seeing More?

If you would like to see more of this design, the Figma file, and annotations, please connect with me and I will send you an invite to view the Figma file.

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