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Customizable referral management


For this product design, I was tasked with building out a completely customizable and fully flexible referral management system. I planned out and designed the main user-end framework using my knowledge in Front-End Development and Web Design. LocalReferrals is intended to be customized to any brand and fit wherever it is needed to be used for any referral campaign.

Company & Role

OneLocal - Lead Designer


Research, wireframes, mockups, prototyping, visual design

Project Date

Jun 2017 – Aug 2017

Flexible & Customizable

The intention here was to lay the foundation for a product that would one day be simple enough for an end-user to come in and customize themselves. I used a 12-column responsive framework and separated the main customizable portions and elements using a simplified architecture and targeted CSS. This simplified the customization process for each LocalReferrals client and their Account Managers, allowing for the process to be easily scalable.

LocalReferrals Customizability

The responsive nature of the product allowed it to fit any space without sacrificing design. The customization feature allowed for designs to be as simple or complex as the user desired.

LocalReferrals Branding
LocalReferrals Branding
LocalReferrals Branding

For Any & All Campaigns

Paired with the OneLocal backend dashboard, LocalReferrals allowed for a simplified approach to launching a referral campaign, making use of SMS, emails, websites, and marketing collateral.

360 Degree Marketing Solution

In-Store Poster

SMS Referral Link

In-Store Poster

LocalReferral Poster

SMS Referral Link

LocalReferral SMS Interaction
LocalReferral SMS Linked Page

Web Embed

LocalReferral Web Embed

Full Web Page

LocalReferral Full Web Page


LocalReferral Email